A downloadable game for Windows

"Shoot your way through the 'Binding of Issac'-esque dungeon with the limited time you have, escape, and live to tell the tale to your fellow villagers! But be warned, the possessed pigs are furious that you trespassed in their territory, and will try to waste your time, so be wary!"

This is a project that my friends Anzhel,  Zgar, and I made for the HEART Game Jam. 

Anzhel: Programming

Zgar: Music and SFX

ZeoMaddox: Graphics

Install instructions

Just hit the download button, extract the game application, and you're set! :)


The Unfinished Tale of Straw Hat Mcgee (Post Jam Version) 16 MB
The Unfinished Tale of Straw Hat Mcgee (Jam Version) 9 MB


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would love to see some variation in the rooms

Yeah, we were planning on updating the game, but the Zgar and Anzhel have been kinda busy